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Integration of HY-2A data in the Ssalto/Duacs multimission system

AVISO News of Other Altimeter Missions - Tue, 2014-05-20 02:22
We are pleased to announce the integration of HY-2A data in the Duacs v15.1 multimission near-real time system.
The HY-2A integration contributes to improve the sea surface sampling, and thus the reconstruction of the mesoscale structures, particularly in the regions of strong ocean activity. The integration of HY-2A in the Duacs V15.1 impacts the delivering of Near Real Time Level-3 (along-track) and Level-4 (grids) products (height, formal mapping error and geostrophic currents). We draw your attention to the fact that this new version v15.1 Duacs including HY-2A data also includes the changes made for version Duacs 2014 (V15.0). 
In contrast, integration of HY-2A data is not included in the older Duacs version v14.1 which products are based on a 7-year reference period. This former Duacs V14.1 version will no longer be delivered after mid-June 2014.  This is a further opportunity for users who want to integrate HY-2A data to make the necessary changes to their own system to accommodate the new 20-year reference period Further information:
  • June 2014: Integration of the HY-2A  in Duacs
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