2013_rel3: Global Mean Sea Level Time Series (seasonal signals retained)

Edited: 2013-04-20


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Global Mean Sea Level Time Series (seasonal signals removed)

Release Notes

2013 Release 3 (2013-04-20):

  • Added Jason-2/OSTM GDR cycles 168-169.
  • Reprocessed TOPEX cycles 104 and 292 which were marked missing in previous releases.
  • Fixed bug that misapplied tide model correction to TOPEX cycles. Result is reduction of corrected SSH variance during TOPEX.


To cite these plots or data, please use:  Nerem, R. S., D. Chambers, C. Choe, and G. T. Mitchum. "Estimating Mean Sea Level Change from the TOPEX and Jason Altimeter Missions." Marine Geodesy 33, no. 1 supp 1 (2010): 435.