Altimetry for Non-Gaussian Oceans: Height Biases and Estimation of Parameters

Edited: 2011-10-03
TitleAltimetry for Non-Gaussian Oceans: Height Biases and Estimation of Parameters
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsRodríguez, E.
JournalJournal of Geophysical Research
Pagination14107 - 14120
Date Published05/1988
Keywordsretracking, sea_level
AbstractThe effects of a non-Gaussian ocean on satellite altimetry parameter estimation are discussed. The first part of this paper shows how non-Gaussian ocean parameters affect height estimation for satellites of the Seasat/Geosat/TOPEX type. In the second part, the estimation of the altimeter tracker bias and the non-Gaussian ocean parameters from the altimeter return signal is studied. A new convolution model that facilitates the deconvolution of the ocean surface specular point probability density function is introduced. Next, it is argued that it is not feasible in practice to estimate the electromagnetic bias from noisy altimeter returns. It is then shown that the least squares estimation of the surface parameters in the log-frequency domain has several advantages over estimating parameters in the time domain. The maximum likelihood estimation equations for the estimation of the waveform parameters are derived, and their solution is discussed
Short TitleJ. Geophys. Res.