Glaciers Dominate Eustatic Sea-Level Rise in the 21st Century

Edited: 2011-05-18
TitleGlaciers Dominate Eustatic Sea-Level Rise in the 21st Century
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsMeier, M. F., M. Dyurgerov, U. K. Rick, S. O'Neel, W. T. Pfeffer, R. Anderson, S. Anderson, and A. F. Glazovsky
Pagination1064 - 1067
Date Published08/2007
Keywordsice, sea_level
AbstractIce loss to the sea currently accounts for virtually all of the sea-level rise that is not attributable to ocean warming, and about 60% of the ice loss is from glaciers and ice caps rather than from the two ice sheets. The contribution of these smaller glaciers has accelerated over the past decade, in part due to marked thinning and retreat of marine-terminating glaciers associated with a dynamic instability that is generally not considered in mass-balance and climate modeling. This acceleration of glacier melt may cause 0.1 to 0.25 meter of additional sea-level rise by 2100.
Short TitleScience