OCEAN SCIENCE: Ocean Freshening, Sea Level Rising

Edited: 2011-02-23
TitleOCEAN SCIENCE: Ocean Freshening, Sea Level Rising
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsMunk, W.
Pagination2041 - 2043
Date Published06/2003
Keywordssea_level, steric, tide_gauge

Global sea levels have been rising over the past century. It remains hotly debated, however, how fast this rise has been and which of the two causes--expansion of ocean waters due to warming, or freshwater input from the continents-has dominated. In his Perspective, Munk argues that a recent survey of global ocean salinity may point to a dominant contribution from freshwater input. He cautions, however, that uncertainties in sea ice melting rates and possible biases in tide gage data do not yet allow a definitive answer. Even with global satellite coverage, several decades of data will be required for good estimates of the role of global warming in sea level rise.

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