Regional Sea Level Time Series

Edited: 2014-05-23

Inverted barometer applied
GIA NOT corrected
Seasonal signal included
Basin map
Data Sets
Northern Hemisphere sl_Northern_Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere sl_Southern_Hemisphere
Pacific Ocean sl_Pacific_Ocean
Atlantic Ocean sl_Atlantic_Ocean
Indian Ocean sl_Indian_Ocean

Adriatic Sea sl_Adriatic_Sea
Andaman Sea sl_Andaman_Sea
Arabian Sea sl_Arabian_Sea
Baltic Sea sl_Baltic_Sea
Bay of Bengal sl_Bay_of_Bengal
Bering Sea
Carribean Sea sl_Carribean_Sea
Gulf of Alaska sl_Gulf_of_Alaska
Gulf of Mexico sl_Gulf_of_Mexico
Indonesian Throughflow sl_Indonesian_Throughflow
Mediterranean Sea sl_Mediterranean_Sea
Sea of Japan/East Sea
South China Sea sl_South_China_Sea
Yellow Sea sl_Yellow_Sea
Maldives sl_Maldives