Correction: New GMSL release and Jason-2 Switch to Side-B Platform Module

Edited: 2015-05-04

In this previous blog post, we incorrectly stated that Jason-2 had switched to the side B altimeter. In fact, only the processing chain (also known as the Platform Module) had switched to side B hardware. The actual altimeter instrument is still on side A.

As our FAQ states, we release new GMSL estimates as the Jason-2 GDR products are produced upstream by the French processing center AVISO. Cycles 170-172 were released by AVISO on May 9-10, and we released 2013_rel4 of our GMSL time series on May 15. Jason-2 did have two recent safe-hold periods during cycles 174 and 175, and these cycles will have impacted data. After the second safe-hold, Jason-2 automatically switched to its redundnat Platform Module-B. The operations team decided to leave Jason-2 operating on Platform Module-B, and no adverse effects have yet been noted to the science data.