S. Guinehut

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Lombard, A., Cazenave, A., Le Traon, P. -Y., Guinehut, S., & Cabanes, C. (2006). Perspectives on present-day sea level change: a tribute to Christian le Provost. Ocean Dynamics, 56, 445-451. http://doi.org/10.1007/s10236-005-0046-x (Original work published 12/2006AD)
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Ablain, M., Cazenave, A., Valladeau, G., & Guinehut, S. (2009). A new assessment of the error budget of global mean sea level rate estimated by satellite altimetry over 1993-2008. Ocean Science, 5, 193-201. Retrieved from http://www.ocean-sci.net/5/193/2009/os-5-193-2009.html (Original work published 06/2009AD)
Llovel, W., Guinehut, S., & Cazenave, A. (2010). Regional and interannual variability in sea level over 2002-2009 based on satellite altimetry, Argo float data and GRACE ocean mass. Ocean Dynamics, 60, 1193-1204. http://doi.org/10.1007/s10236-010-0324-0 (Original work published 10/2010AD)