M. Tedesco

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Sasgen, I., Wouters, B., Gardner, A., King, M., Tedesco, M., & Landerer, F. (2020). Return to rapid ice loss in Greenland and record loss in 2019 detected by the GRACE-FO satellites. Communications Earth & Environment.
Tedesco, M., Fettweis, X., van den Broeke, M., van de Wal, R., Smeets, C., van de Berg, W., et al. (2011). The role of albedo and accumulation in the 2010 melting record in Greenland. Environmental Research Letters, 6, 014005. http://doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/6/1/014005 (Original work published 01/2011AD)
Tedesco, M., Fettweis, X., Mote, T., Steiner, N., & Box, J. (2011). Year 2011 Greenland melting remains well above the (1979 \textendash 2010) average; close-to-record mass loss. Retrieved from http://greenland2011.cryocity.org/ (Original work published 10/2011AD)