Processing Methods

We base our processing on RADS (as of 2018 Release 1). Refer to the RADS data manual for specific details of the variables. 

The table below describes the parameters used in computing the global mean sea level.

Parameter TOPEX Jason-1 Jason-2 Jason-3
Time Period 1992-12-06 to  2002-01-10 2002-01-15 to 2008-07-02 2008-07-03 to 2016-02-17 2016-02-18 to present
Cycles 8-343 1-239 1-280 1-current
Orbit RADS: alt_std1204 RADS: alt_gdre
Range & Corrections  
Waveform Tracker RADS: range
Dry Troposphere RADS: dry_tropo
Wet Troposphere RADS: wet_tropo
Ionosphere RADS: iono
Sea State Bias RADS: ssb_cls RADS: ssb_tran2012
Center of Gravity not applied N/A
Cal-1 Mode Correction not applied N/A
Mean Sea Surface & Corrections  
Mean Sea Surface RADS: mss_dtu15
Ocean Tide & Loading Tide RADS: tide_ocean_fes14, tide_load_fes14
Solid Earth Tide RADS: tide_solid
Pole Tide RADS: tide_pole
Atmospheric Pressure (Inverted Barometer) RADS: dac
Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) RADS: gia
Processing Corrections  
Inter-Mission Bias  1.9 mm (TX-A to TXB) 84.5 mm (TX-B to Jason-1) -72 mm (Jason-1 to Jason-2)  -29.9 mm (Jason-2 to Jason-3)
Minimum Ocean Depth  RADS: topo_srtm30plus < -120 m
Outlier Removal anomaly greater than 2 m 
Area Weighting RADS: inclination-dependent weighting