First quality assessment of the Cryosat-2 altimetric system over ocean

This paper presents the results of a Calval analysis performed for the Cryosat-2 mission over ocean. The data set used in this analysis consists of products generated by the Cryosat-2 Processor Prototype developed by CNES (Center National d\textquoterightEtudes Spatiales). This data set has been analysed focusing on LRM (Low Resolution Mode) mode only. One major objective of this paper is to illustrate the potential of Cryosat-2 data over ocean, mainly for waves and Sea Level Anomaly applications. All the results indicate very good performances of the SIRAL (SAR/Interferometric Altimeter) altimeter over ocean. Crossover standard deviation is close to 6.5 cm over the analysed period (3 months) which is close to the Jason-2 and ENVISAT performance. All these results confirm that Cryosat\textquoterights altimeter can provide data almost as valuable as other flying altimetric missions, and that it has the potential to contribute to oceanography (e.g. multi-mission climate record, mesoscale monitoring in near real time) and to geodesy (e.g. mean sea surface, bathymetry).
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Advances in Space Research
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