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Cazenave, A., Schaeffer, P., e-Nguyen, B. \, Brossier, C., Dominh, K., & Gennero, M. (1996). High-resolution mean sea surface computed with altimeter data of Ers-1 (geodetic mission) and topex-poseidon. Geophysical Journal International, 125, 696-704. (Original work published 06/1996AD)
e-Nguyen, B. \, Cazenave, A., Lombard, A., Llovel, W., Viarre, J., & etaux, J. -F. C. \. (2008). Reconstruction of past decades sea level using thermosteric sea level, tide gauge, satellite altimetry and ocean reanalysis data. Global And Planetary Change, 62, 1. (Original work published 05/2008AD)
etaux, J. -F. C. \, Jelinski, W., Calmant, S., Kouraev, A., Vuglinski, V., e-Nguyen, B. \, et al. (2011). SOLS: A lake database to monitor in the Near Real Time water level and storage variations from remote sensing data. Advances In Space Research, 47, 1497-1507. (Original work published 05/2011AD)